Bristol Avon WaterBlitz

The Bristol Avon WaterBlitz is an annual citizen science event that gains a snapshot of water quality in the rivers and streams across the catchment. The event is run in partnership with FreshWater Watch, a global programme developed by the environmental NGO, Earthwatch, who coordinate WaterBlitz events around the world.

BART continues to work with partners to improve our rivers for the benefit of people and wildlife, and one of the most significant obstacles to healthy rivers is water quality; in particular the high levels of contaminants impacting our freshwater ecosystems. The Bristol Avon WaterBlitz enables anyone with a passion for their local green and blue environment to contribute to its conservation.

By working together across the catchment we can find areas of good water quality which need protecting and areas of bad water quality which need investigations and improvements. Your results may help us target these areas and influence future conservation projects. The WaterBlitz results also contribute to a global water quality database which assesses the quality of fresh water ecosystems all over the world.

Results from the 2020 Bristol Avon WaterBlitz

Despite the challenges of 2020, this year’s Bristol Avon WaterBlitz was bigger than ever, with participants taking the opportunity to connect more closely with the green and blue spaces that have come to mean even more to us over recent months.

313 Citizen Scientists took part in the 2020 Bristol Avon WaterBlitz! Together, they took samples at 266 locations giving us a fantastic spread of data across the catchment.

BART would like to thank the brilliant, committed Citizen Scientists who took part and have helped to improve our rivers and streams for nature and for people.

For more information about WaterBlitz or to find out how you can support future events please contact