As a river charity near Bristol and Bath, we rely on grants, the goodwill of our local community as well as supporters from further afield to carry out our conservation, education and engagement work throughout the Bristol Avon’s waterways.

Your donation could support our Education work such as “Eel in the classroom”.

If you are looking for a river charity, you could support our community work – for example, help fund the running of our tree planting strategy.

River charity near Bristol
River charity near me

Support our staff and volunteers – we always need waders and other Personal Protective Equipment for our wonderful staff and volunteers.

River charity near me
River charity near Bath

Donations can also support us in addressing water-related issues, develop plans with local government, businesses, landowners and farmers, and create interactive and engaging educational sessions and public participation events. Your donation to a local environmental charity could benefit all local wildlife and people.

Donations large or small, regular or one-off gifts are hugely appreciated and gratefully received by the staff and volunteers here at Bristol Avon Rivers Trust.

If you’d like to help by donating to our river charity, you can do so by clicking here. Thank you for your support.