BART RS offer farm advice and focus on helping farmers and land managers manage the land-water interface. This interface extends much further than the river bank itself but includes the landscape which drains into it.

BART RS can help with the increasingly complex obligations that face the agricultural sector with regard to management of water – and can help farmers and land managers improve their local environment at the same time, sometimes even helping farmers assist their local communities with schemes which help reduce flooding or improve road safety.

BART RS farm advice can help reduce sediment and nutrient run off saving precious resource and also helping to avoid potential infractions of regulations which exit in this respect

We can offer advisory visits – help you develop farm water management improvement plans to augment your own wider farm plans. We can help produce mitigation plans for problems that are known, or we that we find together through developing improvement.. We can also manage most work required that you do not wish to carry out yourself, including organising other specialists should they be required. We can offer you an all round facilitation and project management service.

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