BART River Services provides technical expertise and advice on river restoration projects throughout the Bristol Avon Catchment. We can manage the whole project lifecycle or any component part where you need help

Many of our rivers have undergone physical modifications as a result of industrial heritage, urban development, agriculture and flood relief for example. As a consequence, many of our rivers no longer function naturally, and in many instances lack habitat diversity necessary to support our native fish and wildlife. By restoring natural processes, multiple benefits to both people and the environment can be achieved, including improved habitat, fish passage, reduced flood-risk and increased amenity value and to name only a few.

Our river restoration experience ranges from simple woody habitat restoration improvements to more detailed projects such as weir removals and floodplain reconnection.

Our team has experience delivering a range of assessments to provide advice and recommendations for river restoration and land management. Our team offers a bespoke service depending on the aims and objectives of a project. Our range of site assessments include sediment and diffuse pollution, geomorphological assessments, ecological surveys, fish passage assessment (SNIFFER) and flood-risk modelling.

Services that BART can offer include:

  • Advisory visits
  • Advisory reports
  • Ecological assessments
  • Feasability studies of restoration projects
  • Delivery of restoration projects
  • Permitting and licensing

For more information about BART RS river restoration services, please get in touch.