BART RS are experiencing real interest in this area of our work and are therefore developing new skills and techniques very swiftly – learning from experience across the whole Rivers Trust movement across the country.

Natural Flood Management involves working with nature to try and ‘slow the flow’ of water through a landscape. There are a variety of techniques and land-based interventions that can be used, including; subsoiling, cross drains, earth bunds, leaky dams, cover crops, hedges, trees and grass buffers.

The techniques can all be applied individually or collectively but need to be applied with planning and forethought. Benefits can include slowly allowing its release back into the river system, this helps to reduce the frequency of future floods. These measures can also help to deliver a range of other benefits to the local environment, including improvements to water quality, habitat creation and climate change mitigation.

Please get in touch to find out how we could help implement Natural Flood Management measures in your area:

Flood Management