Michael Thompson

Michael has gained a BSc in Environmental Science, a PhD in the Social Sciences and has obtained public sector project management qualifications which he has applied to promoting the conservation of river and wetland environments. He has worked with the Seven Trent Water Authority conducting and organising river habitat surveys as part of several river engineering schemes.

Michael also has 15 years experience working at the Environment Agency where he worked with water industry and conservation partners nationally and locally managing programmes negotiating environmental standards for water quality, for restoring sustainable abstractions, and for supporting the design of wetland habitat conservation projects. Whilst working with the Environment Agency he has overseen a number of infrastructure delivery, community participation and statutory water company business planning processes.

Michael has led teams that have secured significant funding streams for wildlife conservation and water development in the UK and internationally, including for large scale wetland habitat creation schemes on the Humber, the Severn and in the Lake District. These projects included mechanisms for responding to problems in the wetland environment arising from the intensification of agriculture and from increasing urban pressures.

Michael has also worked on these issues for a number of years in eastern and southern Africa.

Michael believes that creating a strong commitment and a “can do” attitude within organisations and individuals for promoting conservation is the way to build a healthier water environment, and applies this in his work.